Homemade Yogurt

I used to think I needed a fancy yogurt maker contraption to make yogurt at home. Imagine my surprise and utter amazement to find out I could make it in a slow cooker with little to no effort in a matter of hours! I have not bought yogurt from the store for months now. This method is so economical and so very easy that once you try it you will not be buying it at the store again either!

Slow Cooker Yogurt
adapted from this and this recipe

 You will need:
 Slow Cooker
1/2 gallon of milk (whole milk is best but I've also used 2%) 
1/2 cup live/active plain yogurt (can be either store bought or homemade) 
Kitchen Towels

Pour half gallon of milk into your slow cooker.
Set it on low, cover, and allow to cook for two and a half hours.
When two and a half hours have passed, turn it off and unplug from the wall. Allow it to sit with the lid on, for three hours.
 When three hours have passed, whisk in the starter yogurt and re-cover. Wrap the entire slow cooker with kitchen towels or a large bath towel to keep it dark and insulated.
Leave out on your counter for eight hours.
When eight hours have passed, your yogurt is done!

Most convenient times to make yogurt
I prefer to start the process at 5pm. That way I unplug the slow cooker at 7:30pm, whisk in the starter yogurt at 10:30pm before going to bed and then I have homemade yogurt ready and waiting for me by 7:00am the next day! I usually just put the whole crock in the 'fridge til I have time to transfer
 the yogurt into smaller containers later in the day.
 If you're able to be home most of the day, another good time to start the process
 is between 8:00am and 10:00am so that the yogurt will be finished
and chilling in the 'fridge before you go to bed.

For thicker and creamier yogurt 
Drain off the excess whey by pouring the yogurt into a colander lined with a coffee filter.
The longer you allow it to drain, the thicker your yogurt will become.
The first few times I made yogurt I used 2% milk because that's what we had on hand. When you use 2% the yogurt will not be as thick and creamy so you'll definitely want to drain off some whey.
This last time I used whole milk and didn't need to do a thing as it made the perfect creamy consistency. IF I wanted an even thicker yogurt to use in a recipe or as a substitute for sour cream, I could drain off some whey and it'd thicken up quite nicely.

Flavor options
I prefer my homemade plain yogurt sweetened with honey and a touch of vanilla.
From there the add-ins list is endless!
 you get the idea...any of your favorite fruits - fresh or frozen
 dried fruits
a spoonful of jelly or jam

So next time you spot a great deal on milk,
or you have half a gallon of milk in the 'fridge that is about to "expire"
pull out your slow cooker and make some yogurt!!!



  1. I love how SIMPLE you make this sound! And how you give me a time table! Very smart!!!

  2. I agree with Lauren. Best post I've ever read on making homemade yogurt. It no longer seems complicated in the least. Thank you!