Parmesan-Roasted Broccoli (aka Best Broccoli EVER)

Personally, I thoroughly enjoy broccoli. My family...not so much. My husband will eat it when I make homemade cheese sauce for him to drown it in but my children don't care much for it even with the cheesy goodness on top. Then I found Ina's recipe and fell in love with roasted broccoli. And so did my family!
I feel like I need to make twice as much as I think I need for a meal simply because it's impossible for me not to snitch a helping (or two) when I pull it out of the oven! This seriously could be the main course on its own. Try it for yourself and let me know how everyone likes it!


Cheddar and Herb Biscuits

If you love the biscuits they serve at Red Lobster, you will be thrilled to add this recipe to your favorites! This is the closest I've come to a copycat recipe and it's so simple and quick to throw together. A great addition to any meal. Do yourself a huge favor and serve these with this barbecue chicken
It's a crazy easy meal that your whole family will love!

Slow Cooker Barbecue Chicken

I am forever grateful to my friend Elizabeth for sharing this recipe with me! Just as I'm forever grateful that she shared the perfect apple muffin recipe with me. Great recipes are meant to be shared! That's a huge reason behind my starting this blog. So without further ado, here is a fantastic barbecue chicken recipe for you to try at your earliest convenience. Trust me, you'll be glad you did!


Citrus Vinegar - homemade cleaner

I'll admit I'm not the greenest crayon in the crunchy granola box, but I do find great satisfaction in making my own detergents and home cleaners. Not only does it eliminate harmful chemicals and fumes in my home but it saves me piles of money and anyone that knows me knows that I'm a huge fan of saving money whenever possible.


DIY Brownie Mix Brownies

Here is your basic brownie recipe that is perfectly chocolatey and can be thrown together in minutes. Scroll down to see instructions on making brownie mix(es) ahead of time and storing them away for a rainy day or for when unexpected company arrives. As with any brownie mix, this recipe is perfect for improvising and adding extras. Chocolate chunks, peanut butter chips, white chocolate chips, nuts, marshmallows, frosting etc... are all welcome mix-ins and toppings for this recipe.


Sweet Potato Crackers

Here is a super simple recipe for homemade crackers. The original recipe calls for all-organic ingredients but wouldn't you know it...I was fresh out. (ha) So use whatever you have on hand to make these, then pat yourself on the back for saving a lot of money in doing so.